Knowledge Base

Q. From what point will it be possible to query for claims using the CHECK command in production for each TLD? Are queries only possible after the start of the claims period of a TLD, or does CHECK provide claims information before that?

For example:
Claims open Feb. 3rd for .gallery, and Feb. 17th for .diamonds.  For example, “omg” might be a trademark string in the TMCH.

A. Claims period starts 24-48 hours before General Availability (Early Access Day 1) phase opens for all the TLDs.  The claim check command will provide claims information for the TLDs in the claims period.

An example: Claims opens February 3rd for [.gallery], and February 17th for [.diamonds]. The term  “omg” is a trademark string in the TMCH.

Q. What happens if we do a CHECK query on Feb 12th for (inactive claims phase) and (not yet in claims phase)?

A. In this case, the check command for the domain name will show the domain name has claims on it, but the domain name will not show claims information.  This is because the TLD [.diamonds] will still be in sunrise, and only trademark owners will be able to register with valid SMD files. 

 Also since the claim period for the TLD [.gallery] started earlier than [.diamonds], the claim period on the TLD [.gallery] will end earlier than for [.diamonds] TLD.

Q. Do we get an indication that will be subject to claims later on (starting on the 17th)? Or do we get a lookup key for and some kind of error/rejection for

A. When you submit a claim check command with claims extension on domain you will get a lookup key, but for the you will not receive the claims lookup key, not until the 17th of February.

Claims periods are set per TLD and start 24-48 hours before Early Access begins.