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Q – Why do some names in the SRS, in some TLDs show as DPML Blocked, but in other TLDs show as available?

A – A legacy DMPL block only blocks standard names during General Availability. DPML Plus does block premium names, none of the DPML versions block sunrise registrations.


The term example is blocked by DPML,

Searching for example.TLD1 is showing it is blocked due to DPML.  If we search on example.TLD2, it shows as available with a premium name rating. If we search on example.TLD3 is showing as available.

1. Example.TLD1 shows blocked due to DPML: “the domain name is blocked due to DPML” because there is a DPML block for the mark/ string “example”

2. Example.TLD2 shows as available as BB+:  “this domain is available as BB+” because DPML legacy has some exceptions –it does not block premium names. The domain name example.TLD2  is a premium name.

3. Example.TLD3 shows as available.  This name is available because TLD3 is still in the Sunrise phase.

If you check in WHOIS, you’ll see “This is not a domain registration. It is a DPML block. Additional information can be found at

The information in Whois is provided as a result of the domain name-checked being Blocked by DPML.