Announcing .Contact, 2020’s Biggest TLD Launch

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TrueName™ by Donuts is excited to announce the launch of .contact, creating a big opportunity for registrars and resellers. Priced lower than .com, the .contact TLD creates a prime opportunity to secure interest from individuals, SMBs, and domain investors.

The value of a .contact domain

We anticipate .contact to be the biggest TLD launch of 2020. Here’s why:

It’s a great opportunity for investors

With limited premium inventory, there are many quality names with high potential for ROI that will attract domain investor attention.

Browse Donuts .contact inventory spotlight and visit one of these registrars to participate in the early access period:, Namecheap, 101domains,,, or

.Contact is appealing for many audiences

Over 150 million active websites have a contact page. The .contact TLD is relevant for multiple personal and business use cases. As uncertainty grows with connection on social media platforms, there’s more reason than ever to have a personal contact page that an individual can maintain independently of a platform. .Contact is also ideal for freelancers and consultants who want to attract more leads and give clients an easy way to contact them. Plus, businesses of all sizes can benefit from a designated contact page and URL to help customers know their trustworthy channels for communication.

.Contact offers flexible and affordable pricing

Registering a .contact domain costs less than .com, and the domains priced to fit with value-added service bundles. Giving users the option to bundle a .contact domain name with email, hosting, or web building services helps ensure users activate and use their domain name.

As a TrueName™ domain, .contact has added security benefits 

Phishing protection is included in .contact and all other TrueName domains at no additional cost. Learn more about TrueName domains at

As you can see, this TLD has a wide variety of use cases and is priced to create a valuable opportunity in the market. 

Registrars: All you need to know about .contact

.Contact is easy to implement: .contact is part of Donuts’ existing RRA, so there are no additional steps required to begin selling.

.Contact is easy to market: we’ve developed a suite of marketing assets to make marketing .contact a breeze – contact your account manager for more details.

We’re supporting your efforts with marketing: Let us know that you are taking early access orders so we can direct customers to you in Donuts’ upcoming marketing initiatives!

Time is running out, so act fast: Early access begins December 2nd 2020, with General Availability starting on December 9th, 2020. 
To learn more about .contact, reach out to your account manager or email us at