Donuts + Rightside: More Brand & Trademark Protection

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Sometimes, good news is followed by even more good news.

Last week, Donuts successfully completed the acquisition of Rightside. That’s good news for registrars and their end customers with Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) programs. Subject to the fine print (existing terms and conditions), customers’ Donuts DPML programs now automagically include all of the 40 previously-Rightside top-level domains (TLDs). These names include:


Better yet: there will be no incremental fees associated with the addition of these 40 names, expiration dates will remain intact, and customers’ Donuts DPML programs remain unchanged.  

How cool is that?

As always, there may some coverage exceptions for Donuts DPML, such as previously-registered domain names and premium-priced domain names.  

If a customer holds both a Donuts DPML and a Rightside DPML, their programs will remain unchanged and intact for the time being. In both cases, customers should contact their registrar for questions pertaining to coverage.

If customers have purchased a Rightside DPML only, their program will remain intact at this time, and will include the same subset of TLDs they originally purchased. These customers will continue to have the option to purchase a Donuts DPML, DPML Plus or register domains at their discretion. New subscription service fees will apply.  

Please note that Rightside will no longer be accepting new applications for its DPML product.  All new orders for the DPML program for the combined Donuts and Rightside TLD portfolio will be managed by Donuts.  

Questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer them.