Donuts Thanks Richard Tindal

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by Bruce Jaffe, Donuts CEO

Today, Richard Tindal, one of Donuts’ four co-founders, announced his retirement from the company. For over a year, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with him. On behalf of everyone at Donuts, I want to publicly thank you, Richard, for all that you’ve accomplished – both here at the company and within this industry.

When Richard and co-founders Paul Stahura, Jon Nevett and Dan Schindler formed Donuts in 2010, new domain names had been in the works for years—and so had the idea that became Donuts. Richard and team pored through data, created a process that considered thousands of candidate TLDs, and finally whittled the list down to 307 applications — a bold and unprecedented effort. Though I wasn’t part of the industry back then, I can imagine it was a crazy and exciting time! I know for certain that Richard’s passion, focus, drive (and humor) were key to helping it all come together; Donuts’ success is in large measure the result of his work and foresight.

On a personal level, I cannot thank Richard enough for having the courage to start Donuts with his co-founders, and for his patience in coaching and advising me and so many others. Richard’s industry knowledge, business acumen, and laid-back style will truly be missed by everyone. Richard, I speak for everyone at Donuts when I wish you all the best for your coming years. We vow at Donuts to continue your excellent work into the future.