.FAN Is Off and Running

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.FAN moved into general availability this week, and it’s quickly proving to be a crowd-pleaser. Initial registrations in the first 24 hours were well in line with some of our most popular new TLD releases, and continue to pour in.

The .FAN top-level domain is ideal for fans, followers, enthusiasts and their associated clubs, online communities and organizations in categories that include:

  • Amateur and professional sports
  • Entertainment
  • Media and film
  • Celebrity
  • Performing and Fine Arts (art, music, dance, etc.)

Some of our favorite registrations to date include live.fan and soundcloud.fan.

This strong uptake makes sense in the context of some relevant market trends. For example:

  • Up to 75% of fan engagement in professional sports occurs via pre-game online content[1]
  • Arts and cultural support in America in 2015 totaled $763.6 billion[2]
  • Live concerts, along with other music-related activities including online ticket sales, generated $17.2 billion in 2016[3]
  • 83% of online Americans use the internet to pursue their hobbies[4]

We look forward to .FAN’s momentum into the New Year!


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