Introducing: Product & Operations At Donuts

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Brian Lonergan
Brian Lonergan, Director Product & Operations

The Donuts Product & Operations staff spans multiple continents with a skill set as varied as our geography. We are a diverse team but share a single philosophy which forms the backbone of our department: always deliver value to the channel. This philosophy keeps the team focused every day on two specific deliverables:

  • Seamless integration between the Registry and our Registrar partners
  • Driving new products, programs and innovations that empower the channel

At Donuts we understand the obstacles gTLDs face in the marketplace, specifically in the areas of trust, visibility and awareness. These challenges have inspired us to develop a platform and product suite intended to help Registrars grow their gTLD business. Here is a brief look at some of the tools we’ve built for channel partners that are in use today.

Building Trust in the Marketplace

Donuts pioneered the Domain Protected Mark List (DPML), a service that provides brand owners the ability to protect their trademark from malicious activity across our entire portfolio. Donuts founding members understood the shortcomings of ICANN’s mandated RPM’s and the unique position we held as a large scale TLD operator. DPML introduced a much needed solution as well as a revenue opportunity for retailers in the trademark space.  

Since the introduction, we’ve continued to evolve & improve the product in line with customer needs and the emergence of new and more sophisticated techniques in the phishing space. Variant and Premium coverage launched in 2016, followed by the introduction of Homograph protection in 2018.  The trademark protection community have lauded these products, which are now replicated by competitors seeking to deliver similar services to their customers.

Today many Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft rely on Donuts DPML for brand protection.

Preserving Donuts TLD Integrity

In addition to brand protection, TLD integrity or “health” plays a vital role when establishing consumer trust for a new gTLD. Operating the world’s largest gTLD portfolio brings with it a unique set of challenges for maintaining the health of our zones. Donuts works intimately with our channel partners to ensure we’re doing everything possible to maintain the quality and health of each TLD. Our operations team has developed a suite of internal processes – informed and approved by legal & compliance experts – to proactively and effectively address abuse complaints within a 24-hour window for all escalations.

Donuts will maintain its focus on TLD health so that Registrars can confidently merchandise our TLDs over the long term.  

An Even Playing Field: Relevant Name Search (RNS)

Donuts has thought carefully about merchandising challenges confronting Registrars with the introduction of new domain extensions. With literally thousands of TLD’s vying for shelf space how do you present the most appropriate domain name to your customers & increase TLD distribution as a business?

Luckily being a vertically integrated business (Registry & Registrar operator) Donuts was uniquely positioned to develop a viable solution that would provide value to both new gTLD Registries & Registrars.  The solution? Relevant Name Search (RNS)!

RNS is a free and very fast TLD-agnostic domain suggestions service. Semantic relevance is at the core of the search experience and delivers a feature set that makes it competent as a full search replacement service or a powerful API for partial search, landing pages or search specific widget experiences.

Whether you want to present your customer objectively with the best available domain name, power a “Premium” or specific TLD search experience, RNS has the flexibility and speed to provide a world-class experience for your customers.

If you’d like to learn more about the Donuts product team, or get specific information about the products we’re building, please don’t hesitate to email