Meaningful Connections

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Seth Godin’s recent Q&A in The Drum highlights the many different ways for us to be thoughtful, engaged, responsible marketers. It’s inspiring to read questions from his readers (including our own John Pollard, EVP Donuts Registry!) and Seth’s thoughtful responses. In particular, the “privilege of talking to people who want to be talked to” is a really important tenet – one that Donuts takes seriously. We try every day to respect the responsibility that comes with the “opt-in” of our marketing outreach.

That privilege is another reason why new top-level domains are helping drive greater transparency and trust between people and businesses and their respective audiences. New domains convey more meaning, which in turn enable audiences to click on URLs with greater confidence, since they know where they’re going. In a world where online presence is mushrooming across multiple platforms, devices and touchpoints, managing digital identity can be an enormous challenge. Seth’s article is a great reminder not to lose sight of the fact that marketers should “treasure attention and trust and to use it on behalf of those we seek to serve.”

Words to live (and work) by.