Donuts and DonDominio Showcase Travel Domains at Fitur Madrid 2020

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This past January, Donuts partnered with Spanish registrar DonDominio at Fitur Madrid to increase awareness of .TRAVEL and other travel top-level domains, and to encourage travel companies to register domains. Fitur Madrid is the world’s leading travel industry event with more than 200,000 attendees and 10,000 exhibitors representing 165 countries from every continent. This was the perfect venue for our two companies to work together. We had a fantastic time meeting so many travel industry professionals and businesses, many of which are actively using .TRAVEL and other top-level domains to stand out in an extremely competitive online travel marketplace. 

DonDominio and Donuts concepted this partnership during a conversation at CloudFest 2019. We worked closely for many weeks clarifying our goals for the event, concepting a co-branded booth, and developing the event marketing plan to ensure we maximized our presence and ROI. Representatives from both companies attended Fitur Madrid together. Donuts focused on communicating the value proposition for .TRAVEL and other travel domains, while DonDominio helped companies understand how to quickly register travel domains and get their websites up and running. 

There is no question that Fitur Madrid was a success for Donuts and DonDominio. We were able to meet with an incredible number of travel agencies, tour operators, national and regional tourism boards, and travel technology companies. In most cases, these organizations quickly understood the value of a great travel domain name as well as the services available at DonDominio. This success would not have been possible without close collaboration between our two companies before, during and after the event. It goes without saying that partnerships like this one with registrars and resellers are excellent opportunities to help businesses and individuals create their online identities. More importantly, they create opportunities for Donuts and our partners to work closely together and mutually benefit. 

The Donuts channel management and marketing teams want to thank everyone at DonDominio and look forward to collaborating with as many channel partners in 2020 and beyond. 

Do you have a partnership idea? Do not hesitate to contact your account manager or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.