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Every week, hundreds of premium* domain names are registered using Donuts TLDs. We believe the range and scope of this activity offer a window into the overall health of market uptake for new TLDs, so we thought we’d share some highlights on a regular basis.

Starting with price, since price is always of interest to investors: there are typically dozens of names sold in the >$1,000/yr range, and this week was no exception. Some notable names include:, and What we like about these names: they’re all compelling names for investors and businesses. Note that .LIVE continues to be one of Donuts’ top-performing TLDs for premium domains.

There are hundreds of names in the $100 – $999 range; the most popular TLDs in this price range currently are: .NEWS, .REVIEWS, .VENTURES, .LIVE, .SERVICES and .BUSINESS. Some examples include:


Donuts characterizes these names as business-related generics (others include: .SOLUTIONS, .COMPANY, .CAREERS, etc.) and we’re encouraged to see their growing popularity.

As always, one- and two-character domains are quite popular; some examples:


But increasingly, people are registering domain names containing full words that are meaningful and often highly specific. These include:


This trend is noteworthy for a couple of reasons: first, many of these appear to be the actual business name (e.g., or a particular category (e.g.,, In the former case, we like the fact that increasingly people are including their brand or business into their domain name; it’s a powerful way to leverage digital identity. In the latter case, category names are especially valuable to registrants for organic search purposes. We’ve written in previous blog posts about the ‘evergreen’ SEO nature of these names. Having a name that’s a popular search term (such as or means that this name is well positioned to appear on the first page of organic search results. That’s a powerful benefit for businesses looking to acquire customers without having to pay SEO/SEM consultants to maintain their search presence.

Have a question or a suggestion? We welcome your input; shoot us an email at We’ll continue to provide updates on premium activity in this blog post.


*Note: premium domain names are generally characterized as anything greater than $33 wholesale.