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Introducing TrueName™: Memorable Domains, Securely Protected

We’re excited to announce TrueName™, a unique new offering that makes Donuts domains even more valuable for your customers and creates immediate, ongoing revenue growth opportunities for your business.

As part of our commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, Donuts constantly innovates to provide more value to customers and support registrar and reseller growth. TrueName presents a unique opportunity for our registrar partners to be at the forefront of industry change, increasing customer lifetime value and accelerating consumer adoption of Donuts’ 242 top-level domains (TLDs).

TrueName domains include a robust security technology – at no additional cost to customers – that blocks malicious domain imposters before they strike. This proactive protection prevents homographs—fraudulent lookalike domain names that substitute letters or numbers with characters from Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic script tables for the purpose of malicious activity. Read more about Donuts’ response to homograph abuse.

“TrueName is a big win for customers, who can now register memorable, meaningful domain names with the same SEO performance as legacy domain extensions. Additionally, the benefit of homographic blocking means that consumers will have increased peace-of-mind knowing they won’t be victims of phishing attacks. It’s an even bigger win for registrars, who will benefit from offering customers value that translates into short and long-term revenue opportunities.” 

– Mina Neuberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Donuts, Inc. 

TrueName Domains: Enhanced Customer Value

Donuts’ TLD portfolio has always offered businesses the most flexibility, choice, and performance, as well as endless possibilities for brands to own, amplify, and secure their online identity. Businesses tell us that website security concerns are top-of-mind, with good reason: in 2019, 76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack. Donuts domains are now positioned to best alleviate this customer pain point. TrueName applies to all of our TLDs and we look forward to offering this solution through our registrar and reseller partners as soon as possible. 

A Unique Opportunity for Registrars

We’ve created TrueName to meet customer needs in a way that leads to incremental quality registrations and value added services attached. Implementing TrueName gives partners an opportunity to increase revenue at the point of sale and create higher customer lifetime value. 

One of our top priorities is working directly with registrar partners to continue to elevate the TrueName brand through marketing campaigns that drive awareness and educate customers about TrueName domain features and benefits. We look forward to collaborating with registrar partners on both implementation and direct-to-customer marketing.

Customer Lifetime Value and Point of Sale Conversion Rate Increased

Our first TrueName partner,, has already seen compelling business results integrating TrueName into their domain search and shopping cart experiences. Their TrueName launch improved key point-of-sale performance, as well as an increase in lifetime customer value. 

“TrueName provides tremendous value to our customers which resulted in measurable lift in some of our key performance metrics. Once SMBs were exposed to the value of TrueName domains, they were more likely to register them. Getting TrueName messaging in front of customers is growing our short and long-term business.”

– Dave McBreen, Vice President, tested this simple TrueName customer experience: Customers who conducted searches on were presented results including a TrueName tag and hover messaging alongside each Donuts TLD listed. If the customer added a TrueName domain to cart, the TrueName messaging was reinforced in the shopping cart. Within a few weeks of testing, reported: 

  • 3% increase in visits that resulted in purchase
  • 3.7% increase in average bookings per visit
  • 5% increase in expected customer lifetime value
  • 31% increase in average revenue per domain

Displaying the TrueName branding in cart resulted in:

  • 4.4% increase in conversion rate 
  • 8% increase in value added services attachment

TrueName performance results were so impressive that will continue to offer TrueName to all customers, and looks forward to sustained positive business impact and happy customers. 

Get Started with TrueName Today

If you’d like to learn more about TrueName and how to implement the TrueName domain experience on your site, contact your Account Manager or email

Stay tuned for more updates on TrueName in the coming weeks.