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Crucial Service Blocks Homographic Domain Names to Prevent their Use in Malicious Web or Email Addresses

BELLEVUE WA – May 4, 2021 – TrueName by Donuts Inc., a global leader in descriptive domains, is the first and only domain registry to provide homograph phishing protection to its customers automatically. With phishing on the rise, businesses need to fight back against bad actors using their domain names in their attacks. 

Phishing schemes have tricked people into providing bank account numbers, logins, social security numbers and more on malicious websites or in response to emails that are a part of the scheme. Before a scammer can steal a consumer’s money or data, however, they need to convince them to input their information into an illegitimate web or email form.  

To create the illusion of legitimacy, these attackers may devise a homograph, aka homoglyph, domain name and register it as an internationalized domain name (IDN). A businesses’ employees or customers may be alert enough to spot a “typosquatting” attack that alters a legitimate domain name. However, a link using a homograph is often indistinguishable to the eye. For example, an attacker could change the letter “o” in your domain name to an “o” from another alphabet or even a zero or a circle symbol and replace a lowercase “i” with a script that doesn’t use the dot.

Homograph attacks are some of the most sophisticated and effective types of phishing, and according to internet security company ESET, attackers focused on cryptocurrency exchanges in 2020 in an attempt to steal and monetize information. 

Unlike other domain registries, TrueName Phishing Protection automatically identifies known homographs of a buyer’s domain name at the time of registration and provides phishing protection for the lifetime of the domain. Depending on the number of characters in the domain , there could be millions of potentially malicious homographs, and TrueName ensures none of their variations can be registered. 

“TrueName Phishing Protection provides our customers with true authenticity of their online identities,” says Brian Lonergan, director of Product and Operations at Donuts. “No other domain registry will protect your brand or business from homograph attacks. It makes TrueName the safest place to begin your online journey.” 

TrueName also offers the Domains Protected Marks List (DPML)™, a program which provides brands with security of their trademarks across all of the top-level domains within the Donuts portfolio. The alternative to proactively registering “ mybrand.tld” across hundreds of top-level domains manually is expensive and time-consuming. DPML is a more cost-effective, efficient solution to protecting a brand across more than 245 top-level domains. Thousands of brands use this service today, including more than 80 percent of Forbes Top 500 companies. 

Adds Lonergan, “You can’t always believe what you see. TrueName domains help ensure that when your customers or employees answer an email or visit a website associated with your brand, they are interacting with the real thing.”

Visit TrueName’s Homograph Spinner to see how many homographic variations of a name they can block: 

For more information, contact one of the companies in Donuts Inc.’s large network of registrar partners who can provide a safe TrueName descriptive domain name.

About TrueName 

TrueName™ is the global leader in descriptive domains, offering a diverse portfolio with over 245 top-level domains, such as .live, .email, .guru, .social, and .restaurant. TrueName empowers customers to cost-effectively create a personal branding tool to better market their digital identity with more memorable domain names that boost search engine rankings. What’s more, they can be confident their domain names are extra secure from the rising number of hacking and phishing attacks with the protection of TrueName’s advanced, built-in, patented, anti-phishing technology. TrueName is a global brand owned by Donuts Inc., headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with international offices across four continents. For more information, please visit