Domain Search and Goldilocks

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Hexonet just published a thought-provoking blog post on the ‘state of the union’ for domain search. It’s a great read, and we love their tenets in designing their proprietary domain search solution:

  1. Speed
  2. Breadth and depth of coverage
  3. Context and advanced search ranking

The challenges of domain search are actually increasing because it’s becoming harder to help the customer find what they’re looking for, fast, AND introduce them to appealing options without overwhelming them.

Why? People and businesses are buying multiple domain names for use in websites, social media destinations, online advertising, digital marketing, branded short links, and much, much more. Their domain name needs are growing and becoming more complex. They need more options, but too many options can overwhelm.

It’s the classic ‘Goldilocks dilemma’: what is “just right” when it comes to domain search?

Earlier this year, Donuts announced Relevant Name Search (RNS), a domain search engine tool for registrars. We believe we’re delivering on the Hexonet tenets, as well as the ‘Goldilocks dilemma’ – and keep in mind that RNS is free and available for all registrars!

RNS is ultra-fast, it’s exhaustively comprehensive and – most important – it’s tunable to the specific marketing and merchandising needs of each registrar. We think the team has done an excellent job leveraging RNS for their own domain search options. Take a look here. Here’s why we think the approach is terrific:

  • You find what you’re looking for, quickly
  • You’re also given a snapshot of other options (by featured domains and by category). It’s very comprehensive. And inspiring.
  • It’s all on a single, simple page of results shown ‘above the fold’, which can ladder down into more detail if desired. Lots of options, but delivered in a meaningful, relevant context that’s not overwhelming.

We are excited to ‘test drive’ the Hexonet solution, and we encourage everyone (registrars, registries and of course end customers) to do so, too. But while you’re at it, check out the domain search page for inspiration, test drive RNS, or contact us at about using RNS for your own domain search solution.