Identity Digital Launches New Multichannel Marketing Campaigns for .Church and .Photography Verticals

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We are pleased to share that Identity Digital has recently launched two new, exciting campaigns focused on the .church and .photography verticals. Employing carefully crafted cross-channel marketing strategies, these campaigns are fine-tuned for their respective industries. By targeting the right audiences with the right messaging at the right time, these campaigns will help establish .photography and .church as the go-to domains for their industries and drive increased registration volume for merchandising partners. 

Both campaigns are multichannel and leverage several techniques to reach target audiences. The .church campaign includes multiple blogs on prominent ministry-focused sites, with topics ranging from how .church domains can be used to be found online, make a good first impression, increase online engagement, do digital ministry, build an engaging church website, get instant recognition, and reach the digital-first audiences . Email blasts, eNews, social media posts, and banner ads drive traffic to the blogs. Podcasts and webinars further raise awareness and build preference for .church. Also, a print ad in a leading church publication will help establish legitimacy and connect with offline readers.   

For our .photography campaign, we’re similarly building credibility through collaborations with successful photography influencers — such as Steven John Irby – who have transitioned their portfolios to domains using .photography. Working strategically with industry experts, we are also spreading awareness of .photography through press releases, and blog and social media posts. Photography contests sponsored by Identity Digital will generate additional buzz. For both campaigns, readers are directed toward campaign-specific landing pages on participating registrar partners’ sites. 

As we continue to drive demand for .photography and .church, and launch new campaigns in the coming months, we would love to hear from you, our valued partners. If you have any ideas for collaboration opportunities please contact your account manager or email