Dynamic Defense™

Our Security and DNS Abuse Mitigation Team drives the industry’s efforts to disrupt security threats to registries and registrars. We call this service Dynamic Defense. Our DNS Abuse Mitigation Team has decades of experience dealing with DNS Abuse reports, always aligned with law enforcement and the public to ensure the best fight against security threats within the DNS. We’ve always been on the front lines, as we helped draft the ICANN Security Framework, the Framework to Address Abuse, and the Internet and Jurisdiction DNS Abuse Toolkits.

We’re serious about security.

So you can trust we know what we’re doing, read on: we’re members of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (AWPG), the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), and represented in US InfraGard. We also participate in ICANN at all levels and hold leadership positions at the Registries Stakeholder Group, DNS Abuse Working group, the Contracted Party House DNS Abuse Working Group, and the Security & Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC).

Our team uses one of the industry-leading domain abuse management platforms, CleanDNS, in conjunction with in-house data analytics tools to identify abusive domains actively violating Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and those with a high likelihood of malicious use. As a result, we’re stopping the cycle of harm, working with law enforcement to combat cybercrime, and partnering with other security organizations to ensure comprehensive protection for all the TLDs we service.

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