We power the world’s top domains.

We provide comprehensive infrastructure and support for businesses and governments—supported by state-of-the-art, cloud-based technologies coupled with an in-depth understanding of technology, marketing, sales, security, policy, and governance at each stage.

A global leader in advanced registry services


Since 2002, we’ve been an award-winning registry services provider for generic top-level domains, servicing over 250 new and established domains—including .org and .asia.


We provide registry services for more than 100 dotBrand top-level domains, including brands like Apple, FedEx, and Marriott. Top-level domains (like .apple) offer benefits like control of all names registered at the second level, greater brand visibility, and enhanced security.



We’re the best choice for country code top-level domains looking for a world-class platform on which to grow. We provide customized registry services to operators of all sizes—such as: .ac, .ag, .au, .bz, .gi, .io, .lc, .me, .mn, .pr, .sc, .sh, and .vc —to address their unique requirements.

For .au, we provide registry services, round-the-clock support for the domain registrars and domain name administrators, and a custom registry solution built to meet the needs of the Australian government, local staff, and data centers.

And for more than 14 years, we built and developed the .in registry with local staff and data centers to fit within their policy and governance frameworks.

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